Launching Soon: Crash Course to Start your Business: Military Spouses Edition








In just 4 weeks, you can FINALLY launch the business of your dreams. No more spinning your wheels, procrastinating, or wondering if you’re on the right track!

You’re ready to become an entrepreneur and launch your dream business. But where do you start? What do you need to do? Who do you need to talk to? You become overwhelmed just thinking about all the things you DON’T know. So what should you do? Get some help!

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been thinking of launching your business for what feels like forever. But you don’t even know where to START. LLC? Partnership? Solopreneur? What do those words even mean? And who can you ask to find out?

You’ve bought course after course but they sit in your inbox (or downloads folder) UNFINISHED (or not even started). You need accountability, someone who will answer your questions and ask YOU what you’ve done.

You’ve been “Googling” for what feels like forever. You see website after website that tells you how to start a business but doesn’t actually go into any of the details or specifics about WHAT you need to do.

You’re tired of one size fits all courses that claim they apply to anyone and everyone but don’t even address the IMPORTANT things like the legal stuff, day to day stuff or the mindset stuff. What you actually NEED to know.

What if I told you there was a better way? What if you could…


refine your business idea and be ready to launch in 4 weeks.


filter out the noise and focus on what you actually need to know when it comes to starting and running your business.


successfully shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur so you can make good choices for your business, instead of constantly spinning your wheels.


have the support and accountability needed to make moves toward your dream business.


have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got your legal parts covered.

Meet The People Behind This Course

Lily Dagdag & Patricia Talavera are the founders of Operation SYT Launch where they guide military spouses on their entrepreneurial journeys. Operation SYT Launch started as a passion project, but has evolved into a one-stop-shop for website needs, including courses and coaching.


As a military spouse, Lily knows firsthand the unpredictability that comes with living a military lifestyle. It’s what inspired her to become an entrepreneur in the first place, and now she gets the opportunity to guide other military spouses on their business journeys.


In their spare time, they run Syt Biz, a full-fledged marketing firm for women-owned businesses. They also spend an inordinate amount of time watching KPop videos and Friends reruns.

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Our mission is clear:
We empower Individuals and Organizations to Design and Implement programs that positively impact the lives of all veterans


Our message is simple:
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